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What Is the Difference Between an AC Unit and a Mini Split?

AC vs mini split

Air conditioning can help improve your home’s air quality, better your sleep, and protect your belongings from overheating. You can install either AC units or mini split systems to regulate your home’s temperatures and enhance comfort. Mainstream Heating and Cooling can assess your home to determine your ideal system and offer quality air conditioner installation. …

How Much Does HVAC Repair Cost?

HVAC Repair

Your home’s HVAC system helps keep your household comfortable all year round regardless of outside temperature. To make sure the HVAC system functions well, you must perform regular maintenance. Researching “HVAC repair near me” can help keep the system working and reduce repair costs. Most homeowners want to make sure that the HVAC repair costs …

Beat the Cold

In Clarksville, furnace repair is essential. Having a furnace is a necessity in most areas of the United States. In the height of Tennessee winters, when the mercury drops having a working furnace is a welcomed friend. Not properly maintaining and regularly servicing heating units and equipment can result in loss of function or even …