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How long have you been in business?

MainStream Heating and Cooling has been family owned and operated since 1995.

What is the Red Carpet Service?

In every home we try to minimize bringing dirt into your home and damaging your floors. We lay a thin layer of Red plastic down during any equipment installation and all employees wear red booties over their work shoes. This extra effort keeps the dirt and grime we collect on our shoes and equipment outside.

Are you the Red Bootie company?

Yes, we wear surgical shoes – Red Booties over our work shoes. Combined with our “Red Carpet Service”, we try our best to eliminate the possibilities of bringing dirt into or damaging your personal space!

What is the Energy Savings Club?

The best energy efficiency savings club in this area! Diagnostic calls for only $19.95, 20% discount on parts and labor, plus our guarantee to keep your unit in tip top operation all year. Call our office for more details.

Can I finance my new unit or repair?

Absolutely! We have several different solutions for all types of requests.

Will my price quote change?

All of our estimates are firm offers. If accepted within 30 days, they will not change for the service and equipment listed. After 30 days, we reserve the right to review our bid for cost appropriateness to reflect any increases in material or labor expenses. Our “packages” are priced very competitively.

Do you install on Saturdays?

Our normal work day is Monday through Friday and we prefer to schedule installations during the work week. We recognize that special circumstances do occur when a Saturday installation is the only option. This schedule variation must be discussed with your comfort specialist and may impact your price.

How do I get service?

We never close, just call (931) 647-9610. A live person will be available 24 hours per day. Weekend and evening emergency service does not cost extra! The same fair price applies to all calls.

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What warranties are offered?

There are 3 kinds of warranties; 1) Factory warranties, 2) MainStream warranties, 3) Extended warranty contracts. Each item has its own factory warranty. The length of the factory warranty varies from 3 months to lifetime. Our invoice will spell out the factory terms and you can always download them from the manufacturer websites. For new replacement systems, MainStream offers a minimum of 2 years and up to 5 years free labor warranty. For repairs, MainStream offers a 12 month warranty. Your comfort specialist may offer or include an extended warranty contract. This creates a total system warranty for free parts and labor of 10 years. Generally, these extended warranties exclude thermostats and some added options.

What is the Trane Comfort Specialist™?

MainStream has to annually qualify by TRANE to be classified as a comfort specialist. In order to qualify, we must install a minimum of 20 surveyed systems and earn an average customer score of 90 or better on a Trane Company survey. This rigorous standard is met by only a small percentage of dealers and guarantees that we remain focused on the highest quality installation standards.

What and how are your technicians trained?

MainStream promotes the NATE certification. NATE – North American Technician Excellence is an independent testing and training standard that helps you identify individuals and companies that are committed to the highest educational levels. A NATE technician is required to complete an additional 12 hours of continuing education annually. In addition to NATE standards, we conduct periodic internal training and performance reviews of our staff. Using both computer based training, and personal observation, you can count on the integrity and accuracy of our team. That is why we warranty all repair work for 12 months and all installations for 24 months.

Is your staff drug free and safe?

We drug test and background check all employees and promote a drug free workplace. This includes random testing and zero tolerance.

How can I save energy?

We have many options that can offer you significant savings in these areas:

    • Lower heating and cooling bills by 30% to 60%.
    • Reduce hot water bills by 30% to 70%

We can also offer suggestions for you to find other areas of potential savings and ways to increase your indoor comfort.