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Why In-Home Air Quality Testing Matters for Your Health

Bad indoor air quality can cause various health problems, such as respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma. Indoor air quality testing helps detect harmful pollutants and contaminants in your home, allowing you to take measures to better the air you breathe. MainStream Heating & Cooling is a reliable HVAC contractor with effective solutions to improve indoor air quality. Here are reasons why testing matters:

1. Detect Illness-Causing Pollutants and Allergens

Indoor air contaminants can come from cleaning products, building materials, and pets. When they enter your HVAC system, which circulates air throughout your home, they can cause various health issues like allergies and asthma. Potential allergens include dust, pet dander, dust mites, and volatile organic compounds. Air quality testing by an HVAC contractor helps identify these pollutants and allergens. You can then take steps to remove or reduce them.

2. Protect Vulnerable Individuals

Individuals with pre-existing respiratory conditions, allergies, or weakened immune systems may be more susceptible to poor indoor air quality. Infants, children, and older people are also at higher risk. By testing your indoor air quality, you can take preventative measures to protect these vulnerable individuals from potential health risks. That can include installing air purifiers or implementing proper ventilation systems. As your HVAC contractor, we can offer you the Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration system. This air cleaning system removes up to 99.98% of allergens and particles, helping keep your home safe for everyone.

3. Improve Sleep Quality

Poor indoor air quality can lead to diminished sleep quality. Pollutants like dust and pet dander can cause breathing difficulties or irritation that disrupt sleep. You may wake up frequently throughout the night or feel tired and sluggish in the morning. If you’re struggling with sleep issues, get your HVAC contractor to test your indoor air quality. They can then recommend an air purifier or other measures to reduce contaminants, creating a cleaner and healthier environment for better sleep.

4. Enhance Comfort

Bad air quality can bring unpleasant odors, stuffiness, or excessive humidity levels that make your home uncomfortable. You may be constantly sneezing or coughing or experiencing headaches and fatigue. By testing your indoor air quality, you can identify the root cause of these discomforts and take suitable action to improve it. If it has been a while since you changed your air filters, an HVAC professional may recommend that as the first step.

Find an HVAC Contractor for Air Quality Testing

Get indoor air quality testing to determine if any harmful pollutants are present. As a reliable HVAC contractor, MainStream Heating & Cooling can help test your air quality to verify it’s safe. We also have solutions to improve air quality, including the Trane CleanEffects™ air filtration system. Contact us today to learn more about our indoor air quality solutions.