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4 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Here are signs your furnace needs repairs:

1. It Produces Abnormal Smells 

It’s normal for your furnace to smell like the fuel it uses if you haven’t used it consistently for a long time — this smell is supposed to dissipate with time as your unit runs. Your furnace may need repair if the odor remains for a long time. The odor can stem from excessive dust, likely to have accumulated over your furnace’s dormant period, or from a gas leak. You need a professional assessment to pinpoint the cause and offer solutions.

Mainstream Heating and Cooling has been operating since 1995, allowing us to gain in-depth knowledge of how furnaces operate. Our specialists can help you determine the root cause of odors emanating from your furnace and solve the issue to improve your home’s safety.

2. There’s Poor Quality Air in Your Home 

There’s cause for concern if you notice a deterioration in your home’s air quality after turning on your furnace, as it can impact your health. A poorly maintained furnace may bring foreign particles into your home along with the heated air, affecting your air quality. When this happens, you may notice dust floating in the air or prolonged coughing and itchiness among people with allergies in your household.

Our specialists can inspect your unit to determine if it’s responsible for the reduced air quality. If it is, we may need to change your filter or clean your ductwork and unit. In either case, you can rest assured you have the best people on the job, as we can repair and service all brands. We also have a wide inventory of repair parts, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time looking for the parts you need.

3. It’s Difficult to Start Your Furnace 

You may face difficulty starting your furnace and keeping it running as it ages because of worn-out components or disconnected wiring. This can be inconvenient when it’s cold out, making it necessary to seek professional help. Mainstream Heating and Cooling technicians are NATE-certified, so they can determine which components need repairs with minimal interruptions. With our help, you won’t need to restart your furnace multiple times to keep it working.

4. Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm Trips 

It is recommended that homes with gas furnaces be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors to notify homeowners of any potential carbon monoxide leaks. In the event that the alarm goes off, it is important to immediately turn off the furnace, open the windows, and evacuate the premises. Contacting a furnace repair contractor as soon as possible is also essential in preventing accidents.

Mainstream Heating and Cooling doesn’t close, so you can call us anytime if you’re experiencing an emergency. Our team can collaborate with your gas company to identify the source of the leak and conduct the necessary repairs.

Seek Professional Furnace Repair

Seek professional furnace repair if you notice abnormal smells coming from your unit, poor air quality, difficulty starting your unit, and gas leaks. Acting fast can prevent further damage to the unit and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Mainstream Heating and Cooling can handle your furnace repair needs at any time. We have a dedicated team of NATE-certified specialists and a wide spare part inventory, so you’re guaranteed quality services when you choose us. Request a free estimate today.