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Strategies for HVAC Noise Reduction

Build a Closet for Your HVAC System

Building a closet dedicated to housing your HVAC unit will help absorb airborne sound waves and vibrations. The closet will also be a great place to hide unsightly utilities.

Build a closet with a heavy door and dense walls to reduce noise effectively. The insulation should be thick enough for sound absorption and safe to use near the HVAC unit.

After insulating the closet, seal it well. Any space letting air out could also be a potential passage for noise/sound.

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Install Vibration Mounts or Isolation Pad Below the HVAC Unit

A lot of vibrational energy can pass to the floor below directly from the unit, depending on where your HVAC is located. The result is annoying vibrations and unwanted noise that can distract everyday activities.

Place the unit on vibration mounts or an isolation pad. They will absorb the vibrations before they hit the floor, reducing HVAC noise.

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Use Sound Absorbing Materials

Modern home designs have high ceilings and plenty of smooth and hard surfaces like glass and metal. These materials look inviting and beautiful but tend to bounce noise around from one room to another.

Sound-absorbing materials that don’t compromise the system’s design can help reduce HVAC noise. They include wall coverings, carpets, and drop ceilings resembling unique art pieces.

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Change Your Old HVAC System

Sometimes the only option is to replace your old HVAC system because they tend to get overly loud as they age. Newer units are quieter than those sold many years ago and more energy efficient. Upgrading to a modern HVAC unit can significantly reduce the amount of noise you have to deal with every day.

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A Reliable HVAC Repair Near Me Can Help

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