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4 Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your air conditioner regulates temperatures at home to keep your family comfortable in extreme weather. Keeping your HVAC unit running efficiently verifies that it retains the comfort and serves you for many years. Some maintenance practices are easy to complete individually, but you should work with Mainstream Heating and Cooling for the best results for air conditioner installation. Here are four key tips for air conditioner maintenance:

1.      Schedule Professional Inspection and Repair Regularly

Your air conditioner needs regular servicing to function optimally. The AC might develop issues over time, including wear and tear of key parts that need replacement. Having a regular schedule for professional maintenance can help keep everything running smoothly.

Contact Mainstream Heating and Cooling for all your HVAC maintenance needs. Our experts first inspect your unit’s electrical and mechanical components for any signs of potential problems. Tackling such issues early can prevent the problem from worsening and warranting costlier repairs. A properly maintained air conditioner runs efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

2.      Check Your AC’s Drain Line

Your air conditioner uses coolant to cool hot air in the summer before delivering it into your home. The system forces the vapor to condense, sometimes resulting in a fluid buildup within your AC unit. Excess moisture within your unit can promote algae growth and cause clogging. Algae may cause a foul smell in your home, so you should make sure your drain line is in the best condition.

We recommend checking your drain line regularly to prevent fluid buildup in your AC. Our experts can handle preventative maintenance by flushing your drain line using bleach to make sure the line does not get plugged.

3.      Clear Plants and Bushes

Your air conditioner depends on free-flowing air to function properly. Obstructions like bushes, flower beds, weeds, grass, and shrubs can block air from getting to your air conditioner. Your AC unit might have to work harder to supply enough air, or you may experience insufficient airflow at home.

Our technicians recommend clearing away plants and obstructions near your HVAC machine. This means the unit gets sufficient airflow to send adequate air into your home. The system works more efficiently, saving you money on reduced energy costs.

4.      Change Air Filters

Air in the environment is marred with pet hair, dust, contaminants, and other allergens. To prevent poor air quality within your home, your air conditioner comes with an air filter that restricts the entry of such pollutants. The air filter helps avoid contaminants from interfering with your AC system’s operation.

Your AC’s air filter can get clogged with time and, if left in this state, may prevent air from getting to your unit. Our Mainstream Heating and Cooling experts can help you retain your AC’s efficiency by suggesting the correct type of filters for your family’s needs during scheduled maintenance. We suggest changing them out monthly, unless longer use filters, for better home AC performance and air quality. Use your monthly electric bill as a reminder that it is time to change your filter.

Work With the Best Air Conditioner Installation Experts

Air conditioner maintenance helps improve your AC’s performance and can save you money. Mainstream Heating and Cooling is your trusted air conditioner installation and maintenance expert within Clarksville, Montgomery County, and its environs. Our nationally certified technicians help inspect and diagnose complex problems to develop the right solutions. Contact us today for an estimate.