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5 Reasons to Install a Central Humidifier

Furnaces and HVAC systems pump out heat, which can result in dry air. Dry indoor air impacts your skin and respiratory system. Pathogens also survive better in dry air, so you might see a spike in infections. Mainstream Heating and Cooling provides a wide range of HVAC services, from air conditioner installation to repairs, inspections, and maintenance. Below are five reasons why you should consider installing a central humidifier:

1. Protect Your Skin

The role of a humidifier is to supply moisture and combat dry air. A humidifier can help hydrate your skin and reduce irritation and itching. Dry air can cause your skin to produce extra oil, increasing acne risk. Low humidity levels can lead to cracked lips, nosebleeds, and other undesired symptoms. Using a humidifier can protect your body from drying out. At Mainstream Heating and Cooling, we offer various premium humidifiers in different sizes.

Small humidifiers can serve a single room but won’t suffice for the entire house. A central humidifier is the best choice if you live in dry areas. The unit is large enough to supply high volumes of humidity across all rooms. Also known as whole-home humidifiers, the units are installed in the ductwork. They’re close to the furnace and plugged into the plumbing system. They filter the air to remove impurities and add moisture automatically.

2. Prevent Illness/Infection

Because of dry air and low indoor humidity, more people fall ill during the winter. A central humidifier can make the symptoms of allergy, cold, and flu less severe. Dry air worsens the symptoms and leads to more severe coughs and sore throats.  Pathogenic microbes thrive in dry air conditions, so a humidifier may offer a way to kill germs floating around.

Running a central humidifier decreases the levels of viruses and germs in the air. Humidifiers can help prevent the spread of illnesses because the pathogens are less likely to survive and thrive in high-humidity conditions. Moisture also moistens your nasal airway and makes it harder for bacteria and germs to enter your system from the air you breathe. A humidifier won’t erase all illnesses but may help prevent severe attacks.

3. Improve Sleep

Dry air can impact your respiratory system and cause the moisture in your skin, nose, and throat to evaporate faster. You may struggle to breathe properly if your nasal passages and sinuses are dry. Dry air may also increase the risk of bronchitis, sinus infections, and a bloody nose. Using a humidifier can restore moisture in your home and prevent mouth breathing issues during sleep. You’ll breathe through your mouth if your nasal passage is dry and easily irritated.

Breathing through your mouth will dry your throat, mouth, and gums, leading to snoring and poor sleep. Improving air quality using a humidifier will result in deeper sleep and help you wake up less frequently at night. Our central humidifiers are designed to work efficiently and aid restful sleep for families struggling with sleep apnea and snoring.

4. Protect Furnishing

Your home furnishings require the right amount of moisture to last their projected lifecycle. Low moisture content can lead to cracking. Dry air and running winter furnaces will suck the moisture from your wooden furnishings and cause various damages. Premium quality furnishings can withstand humidity changes, but you need to protect them from extremely dry air. Even the toughest wooden furnishings will crack and tarnish if exposed to the dry winter air.

At Mainstream Heating and Cooling, we offer high-quality humidifiers for any space. The humidifiers have low maintenance and protect your hardwood floors and door frames. A central humidifier pumps moisture into all rooms to protect your wooden frames from cracking and splitting during the harshest winters. Moist air also protects other fixtures like wall art and wallpapers, paint job, upholstery, drapes, and adhesives.

5. Save Money

Installing a central humidifier can help you save more money compared to using smaller room units. A central humidifier is installed in the air ducts and connected to the water supply, which makes it self-sufficient. Once installed, you’ll only need occasional checkups to make sure the unit functions optimally. Humidifiers have low maintenance and can be included with your air conditioner installation to treat the air in your home.

A central humidifier protects your family from health risks and furnishings from premature damage. You’ll save money on medical bills and furniture repairs and replacements. Running one central humidifier is also more affordable than several smaller units in different houses. Central humidifiers from Mainstream Heating and Cooling are also durable. Our products can last several years and feature premium quality constructions.

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