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Heat Pump Maintenance Tips to Avoid Heat Pump Repair

If you are maintaining your heat pump properly, it should last at least 12 to 15 years. In order to keep your heat pump from going kaput before then, you should make sure you know how to maintain your heat pump as well as have a technician come out and perform a tune-up on the unit once a year. Here are some of the basic heat pump maintenance tips to keep in mind between visits from your heat pump technician. Following these key pieces of routine care will ensure a functioning unit as well as help you avoid costly heat pump repair.

Check Electrical Connections

At the indoor unit, make sure that all electrical connections are tight and there are no signs of burned or hot connections. Just make sure that if you do see a problem with the connections at your indoor unit that you hire a professional contractor to make the repairs since working with any kind of electrical connections can be extremely dangerous.

Ensure Good Blower Functioning

Another thing to do at the indoor unit is to check the blower to be sure that the wheel is clean. If it is not clean, it is going to be much more likely to malfunction or clog up and cast debris and dirt out into the air in your home. This is usually only relevant with older units, since most new units come with sealed blowers. Check with an HVAC technician to determine what you have.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Another thing that can significantly affect the functioning of your heat pump as well as the air quality inside your home is the air filter. Another key to heat pump maintenance is to regularly check the air filter and clean it out and replace it as needed. If your air filter is clogged with dust and debris, it’s going to cast dirty air into your home and may even blow cold air.

To avoid potentially costly heat pump repair, make sure that you have a qualified and experienced contractor come out and perform a tune-up. You should also know what important things you can do between routine maintenance visits to keep your pump working as well as possible.