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Furnace Not Working Right? Call A Pro.

While you might want to play Mr. Fixit with a lawnmower or flat tire, when your home’s heat supply can’t be relied on, don’t play with fire. Call a heating services contractor. Their orderly approach to your Clarksville home’s gas heating system guarantees quick diagnosis and fewer hours wrapped in shawls and blankets.

Start With The Basics

Your technician will start with the simplest solutions first, beginning with the selector switch being in the “on” position and the temperature dialed at least three degrees above the desired room temperature. An electronic thermostat gets a battery check. Forced air furnaces’ thermostats have a fan control switch. The technician will turn it to “on” and listen for the blower fan to start turning.

Test The Fans

A check of the registers’ air output reveals if the blower is operating. If it is, a check for running time is in order. When fans are keyed at excessive speeds, they cause wasted energy. Should the fan either start or stop prematurely, heat that should be moving through ducts into rooms goes up the flue, so is wasted. If heat delivery is uneven through the house, booster fans might be the problem because they equalize heat distribution to rooms most distant from the furnace. They need to be tested.

Check The Blower

If the blower is not operating, the first step in the power check is to have a look at the red burner emergency switch usually placed adjacent to the furnace, which should be toggled on. If it is, a look at the electrical panel is in order. The technician locates the breaker or fuse box and searches for tripped breakers or blown fuses in the furnace or air conditioning circuits.

Replace Fuses

If replacing fuses or restoring breakers to their original positions causes another circuit failure, the technician will make sure you haven’t run out of fuel. Past that, he will check fan belts and blower bearings, bound gas inducer or other technical malfunctions. These include a damaged gas inducer motor or igniter, blocked vent or clogged blower filter. Sometime in the course of his maintenance procedure he will find the failure responsible for your unreliable heating and repair it.

By now it must be clear that a balky furnace or heat distribution system is not easy to diagnose and repair. It’s wise to turn the task over to a top level Clarksville heating contractor.